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It’s our mission to satisfy your every floral need with beautiful fresh produce and exceptional personal service.

Whether you are looking for every day flowers for home, a floral gift, the finishing touch on your wedding day or function, or something to lift the atmosphere in your work place, Red Fragrance is here for you.We want you to feel something when you come to visit us... Excitement or curiosity about a flower you’ve not seen before, nostalgia when you smell a flower that reminds you of your childhood, and

  • White & Green Classic

    White & Green Classic

    Neutral colours, classic floral selection.

    (We work with freshest seasonal flowers, which vary week to week).

    White & Green Sculptural
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    Please Note:

    Please note: we work seasonally, using the most beautiful flowers available to us at the markets. This means that your arrangement will probably not be exactly the same as the one in the photo, but will be made in the colour palette and style you've requested, using gorgeous, fresh flowers.